Source code for pydal.adapters.teradata

from .base import SQLAdapter
from . import adapters

[docs]@adapters.register_for('teradata') class Teradata(SQLAdapter): dbengine = '' drivers = ('pyodbc',) def _initialize_(self, do_connect): super(Teradata, self)._initialize_(do_connect) self.ruri = self.uri.split('://', 1)[1]
[docs] def connector(self): return self.driver.connect(self.ruri, **self.driver_args)
[docs] def close(self): # Teradata does not implicitly close off the cursor # leading to SQL_ACTIVE_STATEMENTS limit errors self.cursor.close() super(Teradata, self).close()
[docs] def lastrowid(self, table): # Teradata cannot retrieve the lastrowid for an IDENTITY Column # and they are not sequential anyway. # Similar to the NullCursor class, return 1 return 1