Source code for pydal.adapters

import re
from .._gae import gae
from ..helpers._internals import Dispatcher
from ..helpers.regex import REGEX_NO_GREEDY_ENTITY_NAME

[docs]class Adapters(Dispatcher):
[docs] def register_for(self, *uris): def wrap(dispatch_class): for uri in uris: self._registry_[uri] = dispatch_class return dispatch_class return wrap
[docs] def get_for(self, uri): try: return self._registry_[uri] except KeyError: raise SyntaxError( 'Adapter not found for %s' % uri )
adapters = Adapters('adapters')
[docs]class AdapterMeta(type): """Metaclass to support manipulation of adapter classes. At the moment is used to intercept `entity_quoting` argument passed to DAL. """ def __call__(cls, *args, **kwargs): uploads_in_blob = kwargs.get('adapter_args', {}).get( 'uploads_in_blob', cls.uploads_in_blob) cls.uploads_in_blob = uploads_in_blob entity_quoting = kwargs.get('entity_quoting', True) if 'entity_quoting' in kwargs: del kwargs['entity_quoting'] obj = super(AdapterMeta, cls).__call__(*args, **kwargs) if not entity_quoting: quot = obj.dialect.quote_template = '%s' regex_ent = r'(\w+)' else: quot = obj.dialect.quote_template regex_ent = REGEX_NO_GREEDY_ENTITY_NAME obj.REGEX_TABLE_DOT_FIELD = re.compile( r'^' + quot % regex_ent + r'\.' + quot % regex_ent + r'$') return obj
[docs]def with_connection(f): def wrap(*args, **kwargs): if args[0].connection: return f(*args, **kwargs) return None return wrap
[docs]def with_connection_or_raise(f): def wrap(*args, **kwargs): if not args[0].connection: if len(args) > 1: raise ValueError(args[1]) raise RuntimeError('no connection available') return f(*args, **kwargs) return wrap
from .base import SQLAdapter, NoSQLAdapter from .sqlite import SQLite from .postgres import Postgre, PostgrePsyco, PostgrePG8000 from .mysql import MySQL from .mssql import MSSQL from .mongo import Mongo from .db2 import DB2 from .firebird import FireBird from .informix import Informix from .ingres import Ingres from .oracle import Oracle from .sap import SAPDB from .teradata import Teradata from .couchdb import CouchDB if gae is not None: from .google import GoogleSQL