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import re
import sys
from .._compat import integer_types, long
from ..helpers.classes import Reference
from .base import SQLAdapter
from . import adapters, with_connection_or_raise

[docs]@adapters.register_for('oracle') class Oracle(SQLAdapter): dbengine = 'oracle' drivers = ('cx_Oracle',) cmd_fix = re.compile( "[^']*('[^']*'[^']*)*\:(?P<clob>CLOB\('([^']+|'')*'\))") def _initialize_(self, do_connect): super(Oracle, self)._initialize_(do_connect) self.ruri = self.uri.split('://', 1)[1] if 'threaded' not in self.driver_args: self.driver_args['threaded'] = True
[docs] def connector(self): return self.driver.connect(self.ruri, **self.driver_args)
[docs] def after_connection(self): self.execute( "ALTER SESSION SET NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS';") self.execute( "ALTER SESSION SET NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT = " + "'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS';")
[docs] def test_connection(self): self.execute('SELECT 1 FROM DUAL;')
@with_connection_or_raise def execute(self, *args, **kwargs): command = self.filter_sql_command(args[0]) i = 1 while True: m = self.cmd_fix.match(command) if not m: break command = command[:m.start('clob')] + str(i) + \ command[m.end('clob'):] args.append('clob')[6:-2].replace("''", "'")) i += 1 if command[-1:] == ';': command = command[:-1] handlers = self._build_handlers_for_execution() for handler in handlers: handler.before_execute(command) rv = self.cursor.execute(command, *args[1:], **kwargs) for handler in handlers: handler.after_execute(command) return rv
[docs] def lastrowid(self, table): sequence_name = table._sequence_name self.execute('SELECT %s.currval FROM dual;' % sequence_name) return long(self.cursor.fetchone()[0])
[docs] def create_sequence_and_triggers(self, query, table, **args): tablename = table._rname id_name = table._id._rname sequence_name = table._sequence_name trigger_name = table._trigger_name self.execute(query) self.execute( 'CREATE SEQUENCE %s START WITH 1 INCREMENT BY 1 NOMAXVALUE MINVALUE -1;' % sequence_name) self.execute(_trigger_sql % dict( trigger_name=trigger_name, tablename=tablename, sequence_name=sequence_name, id=id_name) )
def _select_aux_execute(self, sql): self.execute(sql) return self.fetchall()
[docs] def fetchall(self): from ..drivers import cx_Oracle if any(x[1] == cx_Oracle.LOB or x[1] == cx_Oracle.CLOB for x in self.cursor.description): return [tuple( [( if type(c) == cx_Oracle.LOB else c) for c in r] ) for r in self.cursor] else: return self.cursor.fetchall()
[docs] def sqlsafe_table(self, tablename, original_tablename=None): if original_tablename is not None: return ( self.dialect.quote_template + ' ' + self.dialect.quote_template ) % (original_tablename, tablename) return self.dialect.quote(tablename)
def _build_value_for_insert(self, field, value, r_values): if field.type is 'text': r_values[':' + field._rname] = self.expand(value, field.type) return ':' + field._rname return self.expand(value, field.type) def _insert(self, table, fields): if fields: r_values = {} return self.dialect.insert( table._rname, ','.join(el[0]._rname for el in fields), ','.join( self._build_value_for_insert(f, v, r_values) for f, v in fields) ), r_values return self.dialect.insert_empty(table._rname), None
[docs] def insert(self, table, fields): query, values = self._insert(table, fields) try: if not values: self.execute(query) else: self.execute(query, *values) except: e = sys.exc_info()[1] if hasattr(table, '_on_insert_error'): return table._on_insert_error(table, fields, e) raise e if hasattr(table, '_primarykey'): pkdict = dict([ (k[0].name, k[1]) for k in fields if k[0].name in table._primarykey]) if pkdict: return pkdict id = self.lastrowid(table) if hasattr(table, '_primarykey') and len(table._primarykey) == 1: id = {table._primarykey[0]: id} if not isinstance(id, integer_types): return id rid = Reference(id) (rid._table, rid._record) = (table, None) return rid
_trigger_sql = """ CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER %(trigger_name)s BEFORE INSERT ON %(tablename)s FOR EACH ROW DECLARE curr_val NUMBER; diff_val NUMBER; PRAGMA autonomous_transaction; BEGIN IF :NEW.%(id)s IS NOT NULL THEN EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'SELECT %(sequence_name)s.nextval FROM dual' INTO curr_val; diff_val := :NEW.%(id)s - curr_val - 1; IF diff_val != 0 THEN EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'alter sequence %(sequence_name)s increment by '|| diff_val; EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'SELECT %(sequence_name)s.nextval FROM dual' INTO curr_val; EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'alter sequence %(sequence_name)s increment by 1'; END IF; END IF; SELECT %(sequence_name)s.nextval INTO :NEW.%(id)s FROM DUAL; END;"""